Mpox: Dis na Introductory course for African outbreak contexts

Mpox na emerging infectious disease wey virus dey cause and wey dey transmit to humans from infected animals, most especially rodents. E fit spread to oda pipo but transmission wey dey occur from one pesin to anoda no fit cause outbreak easily. Di clinical presentation dey similar to dat of smallpox wey happun before but e dey less severe. Smallpox bin dey eradicated worldwide for 1980; but, mpox still dey occur sporadically for parts of Central and West Africa, near tropical rainforests dem. Typically, case fatality for mpox outbreaks neva pass 1-10% but wit beta care, most patients dey recover. Dis course dey provide general introduction to mpox and e dey intended for health personnel wey dey responsible for prevention and control of mpox.

**Abeg note: Dem develop dis course for 2020. For di latest updates, abeg refer to di relevant health topics wey dey WHO website.

Dem develop dis course for 2020. For di latest updates, abeg refer to di relevant health topics wey dey here. Dis training also dey available in French here.

Di content and scope of dis course on mpox dey tailored for outbreaks for African countries wia di disease dey endemic. Dem just last update di course material for 2020 and e fit no reflect most of di recent WHO guidance wey dem issue for di multi-country outbreak wey happun for 2022.

Wia di course begin: Afta series of consultations wit global experts, WHO go begin use a new preferred term “mpox” as anoda name for monkeypox. Na 2020 dem update dis course last and dem go update am to reflect dis change of name. In di meantime, any reference wey concern monkeypox for all di course materials na to read am as mpox.

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Idioma: Naijá
Basic (Basique), Mpox

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Overview: Mpox virus na orthopoxvirus wey dey cause human mpox, wey na viral disease wit symptoms wey dey similar to smallpox, including fever and rash. Afta di worldwide eradication of smallpox for 1980, mpox con comot as di most significant orthopoxvirus infection for humans. Most often cases wey dem dey report na from rural areas of Central and West African kontris, particularly for regions wey dey close to tropical rainforest wia pipo fit dey com in contact wit infected animals. Pesin fit dey infected tru direct contact wit respiratory droplets of anoda pesin wey get mpox for house or health facility, or from contaminated materials like bedding. Even though dis na di main modes of transmission from pesin-to-pesin, still mpox outbreaks dey only occur in small clusters of few cases wey no dey lead to widespread community transmission. For dis reason, outbreaks fit dey easily controlled wen dem respond quick-quick. On several occasions, dem don report mpox in oda regions due to importation from pipo wey travel or infected animals. Dis course dey provide a general introduction to di disease through video and e get downloadable presentation wey follow so you fit look am at your own pace. E dey intended for health personnel wey dey responsible for prevention and control of mpox, and na for di general public.

Di learning objectives: By di end of dis course, participants suppos fit:

  • understand how mpox dey comot;
  • describe im routes of transmission;
  • list im signs and symptoms;
  • clinically identify mpox, chickenpox, and measles;
  • describe di laboratory specimens and tests; and
  • discuss how people fit prevent and control am.

Time wey di Course go take: E no go pass 1 hour.

Certificates: Participants fit gain a Record of Achievement if dem score 80% and over ontop di course assessment. Learners dem wey don get Pass Mark fit also download Open Badge for dis course. Click hia to learn how to do am.

If you wan learn more about prevention and management of mpox, abeg refer to di extended training wey dey in English here. Di training also dey available in French here.

Dem translate am into Naija by Clear Global from Mpox: Introductory course for African outbreak contexts, 2020. WHO no dey responsible for di content or accuracy of dis translation. In di event of any inconsistency between di English and di insert language translation, na di original English version go be di binding and authentic version. Dis ting wey you dey read so, dem don first write am for anoda language before dem con translate am come dis language, WHO no mark am good sey di translation wey dem do dey okay. WHO just bring dis ting come out make dem fit see use if dem want teach person, or if person want learn.

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  • Monkeypox:

    Dis course dey provide a general introduction to di disease.

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