Welcome to OpenWHO, the groundbreaking online learning platform developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to address a wide range of public health topics.

Launched in 2017 by the Learning and Capacity Development Unit in the WHO Health Emergencies Programme, OpenWHO is WHO’s free open-access platform servicing frontline responders, health workers, policymakers and anyone interested in learning about public health. Designed to enhance the global response to health emergencies, OpenWHO offers self-paced multilingual courses adapted from WHO’s scientific and operational guidance. Evidence-based learning resources are presented in low-bandwidth adjusted formats that can easily be adapted, contextualized, and translated.

As a centre for WHO's COVID-19 learning resources, OpenWHO witnessed an exponential surge of learners and expanded public health knowledge to hard-to reach areas and underrepresented groups, advancing equity through online learning. OpenWHO also recognizes the importance of continuing professional development (CPD) and offers CPD-accredited courses as part of the WHO health emergencies core curriculum.

For more information, please visit our publications and newsletters. The FAQ section is a valuable resource to find answers to your questions.

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