Now you can share your OpenWHO achievements with your networks! We are introducing new digital badges that can easily be shared across your social platforms, as well as with colleagues and employers. Those badges are different from the Communicator, Knowledgeable and Self-Tested badges. If you want to know more about gamification on OpenWHO, please click here.

Prepare your backpack

If you have earned a Record of Achievement, then your digital badge comes along with it and can be found on your Certificates page. You can download the badge to your computer and upload it to a badge backpack of your choice.

Share your badge

You can easily share your badge via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email directly from OpenWHO using the "Share Open Badge" buttons.

Note: When you share your badge on social media or via email, the badge includes a verification link which your followers can access. Once they click this link, they will arrive at your verification page. This page will include your user information, with your name, the date of issue of the badge and your results.

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Adding your course certificate to your LinkedIn profile

  • The easiest way to add an OpenWHO course certificate to your LinkedIn profile is to visit the OpenWHO page where your course certificates and digital badges are available for download (via your respective profile > Certificates). You can click on "Open Badge" for courses offering a digital badge.

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  • From there click the button "Add to Profile".

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  • This will open a pre-filled LinkedIn form with the course and certificate data.
  • Finally, mark the checkbox "This credential does not expire" and click "Save". That is it! You have added your course certificate to your LinkedIn profile. enter image description here

Manual maintenance of the LinkedIn form

If you need to add a certificate manually to LinkedIn, here are the steps:

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Scroll down to the section "Licenses & Certification" and press the “+” to add your certificate.

In the form, enter the following data:

  • Certificate name: Name of the OpenWHO course
  • Issuing Organization: "World Health Organization"
  • Select "This credential does not expire"
  • Dates: Month and Year when your Record of Achievement was issued
  • Credential ID: "OpenWHO"
  • Credential URL: Insert the "Verify online" link (you will find it at the bottom of your Record of Achievement)
  • Click "Save".

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