Hypothesis-driven approach: Problem solving in the context of global health

In this course, you will learn about the hypothesis-driven approach to problem-solving. This approach originated from academic research and later adopted in management consulting. The course consists of 4 modules that take you through a step-by-step process of solving problems in an effective and timely manner.

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Информация о курсе

The hypothesis-driven approach is a problem-solving method that is necessary at WHO because the environment around us is changing rapidly. WHO needs a new way of problem-solving to process large amounts of information from different fields and deliver quick, tailored recommendations to meet the needs of Member States. The hypothesis-driven approach produces solutions quickly with continuous refinement throughout the research process.

Что вы узнаете

  • Define the most important questions to address.
  • Break down the question into components and develop an issue tree.
  • Develop and validate the hypothesis.
  • Synthesize findings and support recommendations by presenting evidence in a structured manner.

Для кого предназначен этот курс

  • This course is for everyone. Whether your position is in administrative, operations, or technical area of work, you’re sure to run into problems to solve. Problem-solving is a key skill to continue developing and refining—the hypothesis-driven approach will surely be a great addition in your toolbox!

Содержимое курса

  • Introduction: Hypothesis-driven Approach to Problem Solving:

    This first module is an introduction to the hypothesis-driven approach.
  • Module 1: Identify the Question:

    This module focuses on the first step of the hypothesis-driven approach.
  • Module 2: Develop & Validate Hypothesis:

    This module focuses on the second step of the hypothesis-driven approach.
  • Module 3: Synthesize Findings & Make Recommendations:

    This module focuses on the third step of the hypothesis-driven approach.
  • Assessment

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