BRAZIL | Multi-platform dissemination of WHO online courses on COVID-19 in Portuguese

10 May 2021


WHO provides technical guidance-based learning by means of online and open-access formats in as many languages as possible and in real time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A focus of the learning response is to first provide all online learning in the 6 UN languages and Portuguese, which is the most-spoken language in the southern hemisphere, with 265 million speakers around the world. WHO’s global health emergency learning platform OpenWHO produces the courses together with WHO technical teams. So far, 31 COVID-19 courses have been made available, 15 of which have been translated into Portuguese.

In collaboration with the Pan-American Health Organization’s (PAHO) Virtual Campus, 2 foundational courses on COVID-19 – Introduction to COVID-19 and Infection Prevention and Control – were translated early in 2020 and made available on 4 platforms, ensuring that essential knowledge is widely available.

Through PAHO Brazil's technical cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the National Council of State Health Secretaries of Brazil, the 2 courses were made available through Open University of the Unified Health System (UNASUS), which hosts an impressive 138 721 enrolments, and Public Health Schools of Brazil. Together, the 2 courses across all 4 platforms host more than 217 000 enrolments.

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