MYANMAR | Learning channel hosts COVID-19 vaccination training in local languages

1 March 2022


The WHO Country Office in Myanmar has prioritized the translation of an online COVID-19 vaccination training so that health workers can learn in their preferred languages. The course, which was developed to support safe and efficient COVID-19 vaccine administration, was translated into 3 key languages in Myanmar: Burmese, Sgaw Karen and Shan. All three language versions of the course are hosted on a new Myanmar learning channel available on WHO’s free platform.

The Country Office initiated the translation of the course to strengthen the capacities of health care providers in Myanmar. The role of virtual learning is significant amidst the pandemic, and the team identified the OpenWHO platform as an effective way to disseminate WHO learning resources in local languages. Accessing learning in preferred languages enhances uptake and comprehension.

The courses are being used by both health professionals and interested non-health personnel. They are being disseminated through professional and personal networks, as well as through events such as trainings, meetings and workshops.

“When it comes to health emergencies, local capacities play a crucial role. OpenWHO is one of the best places to share the WHO learning resources to promote local capacities,” said Win Bo, National Professional Officer, WHO Health Emergencies Programme, Myanmar.

Photo: WHO Myanmar

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