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This online course introduces the concepts of the coordinated response to manage zoonotic disease outbreaks between sectors for animal health, public health and the environment as well as other relevant stakeholders. In addition, it fosters understanding of the diverse perspectives of different stakeholders during an outbreak response.

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Tripartite Zoonoses

Informations sur le cours

Overview: A multidisciplinary and multisectoral collaboration, through a One Health approach is required to effectively prepare for, detect, assess, and respond to emerging and endemic zoonotic diseases. However, during outbreaks of zoonosis, countries usually have limited time to organize the response. If no operational framework is in place, each sector tends to work independently.

In this online course participants will explore concepts of coordinated response to manage zoonotic disease outbreaks. The course will go into details of the perspectives of animal health and public health services and foster a better understanding of the diverse perspectives of different stakeholders during an outbreak response. Participants may reflect on several examples of national coordination at the human-animal-environment interface.

See also: the OpenWHO One Health channel.

Course duration: Approximately 2 hours.

Certificates: A Certificate of Achievement will be available to participants who score at least 80% of the total points available in the final assessment. Participants who receive a Certificate of Achievement can also download an Open Badge for this course. Click here to learn how.

This course was originally designed as part of the RePrep programme, which aims to support countries in facilitating coordination between all relevant sectors by developing a national framework for joint zoonotic disease outbreak response. The video explains the RePrep programme process. This online course can be completed irrespective of your participation in the programme.

Ce que vous apprendrez

  • Recall the One Health principles
  • Apply One Health principles to zoonotic disease outbreak response
  • Explain the diverse perspectives and mandates of different sectors involved in zoonotic disease outbreak response
  • Descrive examples of how to coordinate a response between stakeholders in different phases of an outbreak.

Contenu du cours

  • Welcome to the online course!

  • Module 1: One Health response to zoonotic disease outbreaks:

    In this module of the course, you will meet Nika from the WHO Regional Office, who used to be a national One Health Focal Point. She explains the background, rationale and purpose of a one health response to zoonotic outbreaks.
  • Module 2: The human health perspective to One Health:

    In this module, Nika will introduce the human health perspective on the One Health approach to zoonotic outbreaks.
  • Module 3: The animal health perspective to One Health:

    In this module, Nika introduces the animal Health perspective to the One Health approach to zoonotic outbreaks.

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Certificate Requirements

  • Obtenez un certificat de réussite en gagnant plus de 80% du nombre maximal de points pour la somme de toutes les tâches hebdomadaires.