Health workers play a vital role in providing people-centred health services and building the resilience of health systems to respond to the health needs of refugees and migrants. This course develops knowledge and understanding among health workers and health services regarding application of the World Health Organization’s Refugee and Migrant Health: Global Competency Standards for Health Workers. The Global Competency Standards identify a range of competencies and behaviours to assist health workers provide culturally sensitive care to refugees and migrants. The purpose of this course, delivered in video format, is to support health workers by demonstrating how the Global Competency Standards can be adapted and applied in real settings, in this case to migration and displacement from Ukraine.

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Informations sur le cours

Designed for health workers who may be time-limited and operating in high pressure environments, this 30 minute video familiarizes viewers with the Global Competency Standards for Health Workers in a targeted, succinct and engaging manner, and equips you to consider how the Competency Standards may be applied in the course of everyday health service provision.

Refugees and migrants from Ukraine may face challenges to accessing health care, including language and cultural differences, institutional discrimination and restricted access to health services in host countries. The course introduces the nine competency standards across five domains, and identifies key considerations and learning points for health workers with respect to each of the competency standards. Six case studies are used to reflect common health problems experienced by people fleeing Ukraine. In each case study, the course summarizes the relevant Standards for health workers and health service organizations providing health services to these displaced populations.

Please access the Health and Migration Programme ( page for further information and resources.

Course duration: Approximately 30 minutes.

Certificates: No certificate available at this time.

Ce que vous apprendrez

  • Explain the impacts of displacement and trauma at individual, interpersonal, community and cultural levels;
  • Identify and employ culturally responsive behaviors, practices, communication techniques and strategies in the delivery of quality and safe care to refugees from Ukraine;
  • Adapt and apply the nine competency standards in real settings, particularly to the unique settings of the Ukrainian refugee situation;
  • Consider the role of reflexivity and self-awareness within your work environment to augment culturally responsive care;
  • Describe the importance of a systems-level approach to facilitating the delivery of good practice, culturally responsive care to refugees from Ukraine.

Contenu du cours

  • Introduction:

    This section introduces the WHO Global Competency Standards for Health Workers. It summarizes the five domains and nine competencies that support health workers to provide culturally responsive health services to refugees and migrants. It provides an overview of the importance of the Standards and the specific health needs and vulnerabilities of refugees and migrants.

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