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Go.Data is a flexible outbreak investigation software for field data collection during public health emergencies. It includes functionality for case and contact investigation, incorporation of laboratory information and data visualisation. Go.Data was developed by WHO in collaboration with partners in the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN).

This tutorial is a compilation of short videos that explains, in detail, the different ways in which Go.Data can be installed depending on the user needs.

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The operationalization of Go.Data is dependent on the needs of each of its users. As such, understanding which type of installation is best suited is essential. These tutorials are structured to provide and equip the users with the necessary knowledge to decide on the type of installation needed and how to do it.

To learn more about the Go.Data tool, please refer to the Introduction to Go.Data – Field data collection, chains of transmission and contact follow-up and earn a Confirmation of Participation certificate.

For further resources, tips, and additional documentation, go to the Go.Data Community and and GitHub.

O que você vai aprender

  • Describe different types of Go.Data installations
  • Identify the appropriate type of Go.Data installation to be performed according to the user (institution/country) needs.

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