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The OpenWHO team organized an online exhibition and experience-sharing event on 12 & 13 July 2023, showcasing how learners have used WHO’s free learning platform to protect public health in their communities.

This portal hosts video recordings of the presentations given by OpenWHO learners and the posters highlighting their interventions so their stories can continue to be shared across the globe.

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Informations sur le cours

Overview: In February 2023, issued a Call for Abstracts describing how the learning platform has been used in local, national or regional contexts, or how learning content has been adapted for use outside the platform.

OpenWHO reviewed 420 submissions from across the world and 40 finalists were selected to present posters about their work at the virtual event.

These case studies describe OpenWHO use on the ground by health professionals and communities, providing examples beyond what can be captured on the platform and contributing to the body of knowledge on the multiplier effect of open online learning.

Please note: All posters and presentations were produced by individuals from the global community who described using as a learning resource. The content does not represent WHO guidance and has not been independently verified.

Certificate: This is a video library only; no certificates are available.

This portal hosts video recordings of presentations given by OpenWHO learners so their stories can continue to be shared across the globe.

Akmal Hafizah Zamli - Malaysia
COVID-19 rehabilitation in Malaysia
Poster | Video recording

Awino Duncan - Kenya
COVID-19 course participation by medical trainees in Mombasa, Kenya
Poster | Video recording

Sumanta Ghosh - India
Pulmonary rehabilitation training for the healthcare workforce in India
Poster | Video recording

Sheela Shrestha - Nepal
Capacity building of frontline healthcare workers during the pandemic in Nepal
Poster | Video recording

Eko Priyanto - Indonesia
Building isolation facilities during early COVID-19 in Indonesia
Poster | Video recording

Tara Dela Cruz - Philippines
COVID-19 education in the workplace in the Philippines
Poster | Video recording

Iryna Babova - Ukraine
Learning for specialists in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in Ukraine
Poster | Video recording

Catherine Phionah Asiimwe - Uganda
Raising awareness about Ebola virus disease in Uganda
Poster | Video recording

Thanh Van Nguyen - Viet Nam
Lessons from Mpox in Viet Nam
Poster | Video recording

Belay Golie - Ethiopia
Public health emergency management at ports of entry in Ethiopia
Poster | Video recording

Zakia Abadane - Morocco
Fighting rabies in Casablanca, Morocco
Poster | Video recording

Stephen Tetteh Engmann - Ghana
Poliomyelitis vaccination health education in Accra, Ghana
Poster | Video recording

Mounir Hagui - Tunisia
Training for the Tunisian Taskforce Against Biothreats
Poster | Video recording

Niluka Wijekoon Kannangarage - Mauritania
Disease early warning training for emergency responders in Mauritania
Poster | Video recording

Luis Coral - Colombia
Malaria communication during the COVID-19 pandemic in a remote setting in Colombia
Poster | Video recording

Zakari Isiaka Osheku - Nigeria
Infection Prevention and Control for COVID-19 in Kaduna, Nigeria
Poster | Video recording

Bernard Kathewera - Malawi
Health worker capacity building in rural Malawi
Poster | Video recording

Basile Ngontcha - Cameroon
Mise en application sur le terrain des cours OpenWHO en réponse à la COVID-19 au Cameroun (FRENCH/FRANÇAIS)
Poster | Video recording

Gde Yogadhita - Indonesia
Application of Public Health Emergency Operations Center knowledge in Indonesia
Poster | Video recording

Arwa Hany Sharaby - Eastern Mediterranean
Medical students against Gender-Based Violence in the Eastern Mediterranean
Poster | Video recording

Hema V.H. - India
Perception of OpenWHO courses among nursing students in India
Poster | Video recording

Daisy Aurore Steinely Mboussi - China
Popular opinion about OpenWHO among foreign students in Shandong University in China
Poster | Video recording

Venkataramana Kandi - India
Practical training and certification of undergraduate medical students in India
Poster | Video recording

Guru Sharan Sah - Nepal
Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Prevention and Control training in a cancer hospital setting in Nepal
Poster | Video recording

Bassel Molaeb - Eastern Mediterranean
Infection Prevention and Control training in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Poster | Video recording

Anagha Puthalath - India
Infection Prevention and Control knowledge for maternal and neonatal care among nursing students in India
Poster | Video recording

Neesha Ajit Nair - Oman
Implementation of quality and patient safety standards in Oman
Poster | Video recording

Nancy De Jesus - France​
Breaking the Paradigm: Exploring New Roles in Mental Healthcare in France
Poster | Video recording

Bartolomeu Chongo - ​Mozambique
e-Learning in Carmelo Hospital in Mozambique
Poster | Video recording

Kealeboga Emmanuel Ramoatlhodi - Botswana
Infection Prevention and Control learning by a nurse serving the Botswana Ministry of Health
Poster | Video recording

Tatiana Izakovic - Slovakia
Implementation of transmission-based precautions in an acute care hospital in Central Europe
Poster | Video recording

Sampson Arthur - Ghana
Infection Prevention and Control and waste management in Ghana
Poster | Video recording

Stefania Banzola - Italy
Building culturally competent health care organizations in Italy
Poster | Video recording

Jaime David Acosta-España - Ecuador
Teaching tropical medicine in Quito, Ecuador
Poster | Video recording

Marci J. Swede - USA
Teaching crisis management in an undergraduate One Health course in the USA
Poster | Video recording

Nydia Alejandra Castillo-Martínez - Mexico
Cursos OpenWHO como una estrategia emergente para el aprendizaje a distancia en los programas de Medicina y Odontología durante la pandemia de COVID-19 en México (SPANISH/ESPAÑOL)
Poster (Español) | Poster (English) | Video recording

Contenu du cours

  • Introduction

  • OpenWHO stories from across the globe - Thematic presentations:

    This section highlights the presentations given by OpenWHO learning champions across the globe, showcasing how they have used OpenWHO courses in their communities.
  • OpenWHO stories from across the globe - Full sessions

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