Medical Equipment Electrical Safety Testing

Medical equipment powered by mains sources must be evaluated regarding electrical safety parameters to protect patients and healthcare providers. This course provides methods for evaluating electrical safety of medical equipment at a medical facility and actions to take following the evaluation.

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Overview: Electricity from mains power sources has been shown to cause shocks, muscle stimulation, fires and burns. In some cases, these effects have been fatal. Because medical equipment may be designed to come into contact with patients, protection methods and specific parameters defined by standards have been utilized by regulatory bodies. The primary standards come from the International Electrotechnical Commission and cover different classes and types of equipment. These standards require testing using appropriate test equipment and methods. The testing can take place in the healthcare facility under the guidance of biomedical engineering. The video provides this background on standards and test methods with the goal to keep patients and staff safe.

Course duration: Approximately 35 minutes.

Certificates: A Confirmation of Participation is available to participants who complete 100% of the course material.

Should you be interested in learning more about other aspects of medical devices including respiratory devices, please refer to the following course on COVID-19 respiratory equipment. This course teaches how to choose the right equipment for your facility, how to set up new respiratory equipment, how to clinically use respiratory equipment, how to maintain equipment, including troubleshooting, repairs and infection prevention and control, and how to decommission equipment.

What you'll learn

  • Explain the importance of electrical safety testing to ensure the safety of both patients and clinical users
  • Describe the basics of electrical safety testing
  • Perform the steps to measure protective earth resistance and leakage currents of a medical device using an electrical safety analyzer
  • Perform the steps to measure protective earth resistance and leakage currents of a medical device using a digital multimeter, fabricated test circuit, and a modified power bar (electrical power strip)
  • Describe how to interpret the results of the tests and take appropriate actions.

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Certificate Requirements

  • Gain a Confirmation of Participation by completing at least 100% of the course material.