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OpenWHO is WHO’s new interactive, web-based, knowledge-transfer platform offering online courses to improve the response to health emergencies. OpenWHO enables the Organization and its key partners to transfer life-saving knowledge to large numbers of frontline responders.

Essential knowledge for outbreak response

OpenWHO is the first WHO platform to host unlimited users during health emergencies. It provides you with a fast and free way to obtain the latest scientific and operation know-how. With a dynamic interface, accessible through your computer and mobile device, OpenWHO offers off-line downloads, peer discussion boards and live briefings from ongoing health emergencies.
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OpenWHO just reached 100 000 enrolments!

We would like to thank you, the frontline health workers, decision makers, researchers, experts, medical students and other learning enthusiasts across the globe for making the “open-to-all” concept possible. The virtual health community is growing fast thanks to your passion for health and for Health for All.


Risk communication essentials : French version now available / Communication sur les risques : Version française maintenant disponible

Toute personne travaillant pour l’OMS dans des situations d’urgence doit se familiariser avec la Communication sur les Risques (RC). Le programme de gestion des situations d’urgence sanitaire (WHE) de l’OMS a mis au point un nouveau cours fondé sur la communication sur les risques pour mieux comprendre le Système que l’OMS utilise pour organiser et gérer ses interventions.


"Accelerating progress towards health related SDGs – Short track" now available in Spanish

Este curso intenta ofrecer una visión general de los conceptos, estrategias y oportunidades fundamentales para trabajar eficazmente con los Estados miembros de la OMS y los agentes no estatales para lograr las metas de los ODS relacionados con la salud y la cobertura universal de salud. Esta es una versión condensada del curso más extenso «Accelerating progress towards health related SDGs», que está disponible a través de iLearn. Uno de los principales objetivos de este curso es crear una comprensión más profunda de por qué la CUS y la seguridad sanitaria juegan un papel fundamental en la Agenda 2030 y cómo las seis líneas de acción de la OMS pueden ayudar a acelerar su cumplimiento hasta 2030.


“Simulation Exercise Management Training” now available

This course will provide an overview of simulation exercises and how they play a key role in identifying the strengths and gaps in the development and implementation of preparedness measures. The use of exercises ensures that public health emergency response systems are in place to manage health emergencies. In the WHO Department of Emergency Preparedness and Response (WHE), simulation exercises play an important role in the work of many teams. These teams provide cross-cutting technical inputs, resources, facilitation and other services.



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