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OpenWHO est la nouvelle plate-forme Web interactive de transfert de connaissances, proposant des cours en ligne pour améliorer la réponse aux urgences sanitaires. OpenWHO permet à l'Organisation ainsi qu'à ses partenaires clés de transmettre à un grand nombre d'intervenants de première ligne des connaissances pouvant sauver des vies.


#SocialNET - A WHO network of trained social scientists to work in health emergencies

The 21st century poses new and persistent challenges in detecting and managing infectious hazards: severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), influenza and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) are examples that can be added to more recent health emergencies, such as Ebola or Zika. These outbreaks and epidemics have highlighted the need to systematically include social science-based interventions (SSI) in any health emergency response.


Strengthening WHO's capacity for infectious hazard management

More than 100 WHO staff members and partners from all three levels of the organization are taking part in knowledge exchange and team building initiative “Managing epidemics of the 21st century”. This three-phase, WHO-certified learning programme helps shape the work for the future generations of participants and frontline responders in health emergencies.


WHO launches new course for fighting epidemics in Africa

Major epidemics in the 21st century highlight the need for a system to quickly transform scientific knowledge into action on the ground. Knowledge that is understandable and actionable is essential to mounting an effective response to save lives, minimize illness and to prevent unnecessary damage to societies and economies. ...


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